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"Hi, I downloaded your software yesterday and I used it last night in a tournament. I just want to thank you guys for making my life easier! The program is amazing! I can actually play in some tournaments now because the software does everything for me. Keep up the great work!" Ottavio, Montreal, Canada   

"Hey guys thank you for the upgrade I can not say how pleased I am with your product and service it is above all the best I have received. Many thanks to each of you at your company and great work with your product and service again. Job well done." Don H.

"I got Poker Tournament Manager a few weeks ago, we've already used it on several tournaments , and we're really happy with it...I Love the software!! makes our life a lot easier!" Henning M.   

"I have been using your program and love it!" Scott S.   

"I really apprecatie the support help your staff has given me. Your program is THE BOMB. I look like a pro even thought my personal poker stats are not!"  Jim

"I am using it currently and I love it!" Dan N, DRPokerSupply.com   

"Hi Folks. Recently purchased your poker tuornament manager for my home tournaments. Fantastic bit of kit - well done. ...Ran my first tournament with it yesterday - Absoluteley flawless, and I won!!"  Jeremy B., UK   

"I'm a HUGE fan of your software. I just upgraded to version 3.0 today. Love the 'post to web' feature! Keep up the great work, guys! You've got a customer for life!" John H.   

"GREAT software!" Jason P.   

"Hello.  I use PTM regularly for my poker tournaments and I love it." Stephen A.   

"My friends were blown away when they say the Poker Tournament Manager on my TV - it felt like we were in the World Series of Poker."  Adam L., Boston, MA

"I looked at other programs for poker tournament management, and none even come close to being as good as yours. Poker Tournament Manager is awesome and very reasonably priced."  Arlen M., Miami, FL

"We have been using PTM for the better part of a year now. The upgrades and improvements keep coming your doing a great job, love how it handles the game so I don’t have to. "  Garry, The Bonsai Poker Club

We have been using PTM for the better part of a year now. The upgrades and improvements keep coming your doing a great job, love how it handles the game so I don't have to."  Garry, The Bonsai Poker Club

Great program. I use it 7 nights a week in my poker room. Keeps me looking real professsional."  Greg

Thank You very much... just want to say you run a class act and I always recommend your program to everyone I play with thanks again !!!!"  Jamie Z.

Your software rocks, we couldn’t ask for more.    Lexington Amateur Poker League

Hey there... I’ve purchased Poker Tournament Manager and it really ROCKS!"  Ugo C.

Thank you guys so much! I know it took a while and was one really big headache but I have two words I've been waiting to say to you for a while. IT WORKED! We are exactally one week out from our final tournament for $5,000 cash and all my players have been bugging me about if they are qualified or not. Thanks to you guys and you're wonderful support team I can now tell them they are and they dont have to worry about games being lost. I just wanted to say thanks again and let you guys know how much this means not only to me but to my players and my league. PTM just earned themselves a customer for life on this one.  Dakota Entertainment

First, I'd like to say thanks for such a handy piece of software. I've been using it for about 2 years and it allows me to play in events rather than just running them."  John H.

I have been a user of your software for a long time. I wanted to say this is the best program out there for any poker enthusiast"  Ohio Valley Poker League

I want to say EVERYONE in our Tuesday Night Poker Club loves this program! One Great feature is the ability to update the standings as soon as the last all in is complete. I email everyone in the club even if they are not there for the game. "  Michael

Loved the trial version & bought the software. Just wanted to say I love it. I went looking on the web for such software after our monthly poker games kept going over on rounds because no one was watching the clock. I didn't know such software even existed till someone told me so I went shopping. After looking at 5 or 6 & downloading 4 with a free trial yours was the best one of the 4, without a doubt! We had an informal poker game last night to try it out & the couple guest I had over loved it. They really liked the poker rules I set up. "  Phink

"Best poker tournament I've ever run..."  Bob, London, England

"My guests were very impressed with my professional tournament setup..." Sam, Fresno, CA

"Hi there, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a great software package.  We've been using your software for a couple of months now and it has worked out really well." Justin, Fremont, OH

"I'm really enjoying the software! Great work!" Aaron, Conway, AR

"Impressive!" Mike, Cincinnati, OH

"Using this software has made running poker tournaments at my club a piece of cake...I wish this had been available years ago." Suzanne, Chicago, IL

"I just purchased Poker Tournament Manager for a tournament I was hosting last weekend. My guests all thought it was the best tournament our group had had yet. Thanks for the great software!" Mike, Paducah, KY

"Very cool!" JM, Jacksonville, FL

"I really like this software, its well laid out...Great management system." Steven, Providence, RI

"Great product and thanks for making it better." (On version 2) George C

"...Funny thing is I was gonna have a go at writing an app to manage touneys but thought I better see if anyone has already done it to save me the time. And lo and behold there was your one. I must say, overall, I am very impressed indeed with it." Adam, UK

"Thanks for the update to version 2. I've used this program at our last poker party. We had 15 players and they all enjoyed the added excitement the software brought." (On version 2) Chris, Kansas City

"Awesome Software. Had a Great Tournament" Scott D

"This is great software that is very reasonably priced. Great job! " Kevin, Denver CO

"Your poker tournament software is a great idea, we loved it at our last tournament." Michael, UK

"I used your demo version on the weekend to run our first Hold'em tournament. The response to the software was amazing - such that I had to purchase it for our future games." Stefano, Edmonton, AB
"I´ve just bought your software and it was a hit on the first tourney. The best part is the stats, not many poker clocks have that..." Peter

"Thank you for a great program I just bought it last week and plan on using it this weekend." Phil, Niagara Falls, Canada

"The program is a great asset to tournaments." Jess

"I wanted to let you know that after using it in about 10 multitable tournaments, PTM is working great. For the most part, the tournaments run themselves. I am very impressed with your program. I have looked at and tested a lot of them and yours is the best on the market." George C.

"I use your software in my home games and we all love it." Peter, Sweden

"I played in a tourament in Dayton, Ohio and was impressed with the software...I purchased the software to assist a charity tournament to be held in Lexington, KY. (for Habitat for Humanity).  The projected player pool is close to 250 people."  Dan, Lexington, KY

"I just wanted to let you know I think the software is great!"  Dan, New England Poker Tour

"I just started using the web results posting service, wow that is awesome.  The people who came to my tournament all thought being able to see stats online was great."  Randy, Wichita

"Tx again för a really great support, we are really gonna tell the rest of poker Sweden how good your program is."  Robert, Sweden

"I bought your software in December and am a true fan.  It went off well with all the lads and is earmarked for featured use in a few big upcoming tourneys, well done!"  Dan T., Toronto, Canada

"I love Poker Tourney Manager...this is a great program that for a little cost impresses a ton!"  Paul S.

"I ran the new version in a 28 man 3 table tourney (our "World Championship") this last weekend and used the new "Balance Tables" feature. The feature worked great--I cannot tell you how much time and hassle this saved...I loved the easier and more logical way the new version is set up and operates. I also liked being able to access Windows without having to exit the tourney. Great improvements!" Buddy C.

"I think what really separates your program from the dozen or so other programs that are available is its ability to track player statistics. This is the one feature that sold me on your product over all of the others." Jeff F.

"Really enjoying the software."  Dave, Houston, TX

"Great job and great program keep up the great work guys." Don H.

"It (Poker Tournament Manager) will be a perfect addition to our poker night. Once again thanks for the fast and friendly customer support." Lyle B.

"...you folks have a great product here and when I get up and running this summer I'll tell people where I got this super program." Tom A.

"I love your program and have told many friends about it!  Thanks again." Tiffani

"I really like the help this software gives me during tournaments. Thanks for a very useful tool." Don H.

"First, I would like to say great job with the software, It has been the talk of the town here at my games...I want to thank you all again. The software is great and each update has been great; out of all the poker things I have purchased this far exceeds them all. Without this software the games just don't go as well; it helps in so many ways that can not be explained."  Donnie, Louisville, KY

"Love this program...btw we use it every week." Scott 'Taco'

"On September 23, 2004 I ran my first tournament ever. I wouldn't have been able to do if i didn't have your product. The players thought it was great also. Thanks and keep up the good work." Tom Onze, Stratford Knights of Columbus

"The program is awesome and can't wait to use it's full potential!" Chris L.

"I have the software you provide and it is great, also have the webposting option as well." Don H, Ohio Valley Poker Club

"We purchased your software about a week ago and we love it.  My company runs charity poker events in New England. " Tony P, 4 Aces Charity Poker

"I love your software. " BMan

"1st off I would like to say the program is amazing. " Kevin C.

"Since purchasing Poker Tournament Manager well over a year ago, I have used
it every week for home games/tournaments.  I am very excited after seeing
the additions to version 3 deluxe edition and am looking to purchase it
asap!" Carl B.

"Poker Dudes, This is a great product." Tom B.

"I want to say I truly appreciate your software it is great." Donnie H., Louisville, KY

"Hi. I have been using the software for almost a year now and I love it. I run it a lot ... in restaurants and bars." Dan, New England Poker Tour

"Your [Poker Tournament] manager has been wonderful and cant wait to update to the newest version. " Mark C, Watson Poker Tour

"...the rest of the players and myself enjoyed the program, it greatly simplified play." Keith T

"Just ran my first tournament with PTM, we had 21 players, and PTM made managing everything great. It was a breeze. Fantastic software. Everyone commented on how nice it was and how professionally run the game was. Thanks again for a great piece of software that made a great night of poker even better." Dave F.

"I am enjoying the software very much." Bill K., IN

"I purchased your software over a year ago, and I am very satisfied with your product. " Shaun N.

"I own your program and enjoy it very much. Everyone is impressed when I start it up, and it works grand to run our tournaments." Brett O.

"To start off I must say that I really like your product and all the people that come over think it is a top notch program." Kurt

"We have used your Deluxe Edition software for our last two tournaments and loved it." Mike L

"Hi. Bought your software about a month ago and am really enjoying using it!" Scott L.

"...that was some ridiculously good software support!" Adam R.

"First, let me say that I'm a huge fan of your app. Have used it in 4 tournaments over the year. At least 2-3 people come up to me at every tourney asking if they can "have" the software. I send them to your web site and tell them they should support great poker software." Adam R.

"GREAT PRODUCT!!! We use it every Thursday for our home games." Dave

"Love the software. I currently use it in Eugene, OR where I run 50-100 person tournaments daily." Douglas

"We have used your Deluxe Edition software for our last two tournaments [40 to 50 people each] and loved it. " Mike L.

"This program is awesome. I absolutely love it!!" Tom, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

"Hello there, I use the software every week and I like it alot."  Hathman

"I am already enjoying your product."  Matt W.

"Just bought your program and it is great."  Jim

"Hi there.  I love the program it helps to keep everything organized and on time (thank god)."  Dale S.  

"Well we put the new software to the test for the last few weeks. The group loves the email results. We are learning to use the new features and are very happy with the results. We love this program and would not even think about running the game without it. I am working with a few friends that run some games and they are starting to think they have to have it also."  Joe, Amusement Warehouse

"Thanks for a great piece of software… it really helps us put on great tournaments with ease…"  George, Cape Fear Poker

"Your software is AWESOME!!!!!! "  Tom “not the master” Bruder

"Your software is fantasic… I ran two back-to-back 24 person tournaments before and during the Super Bowl and it went of without a hitch. "  Jay

"We've been using your software for the last 2 tournaments that we've run. Everybody who attends loves the functionality and ease with which I can manager our tournaments. "  Ron, Canada

"Your program is top notch. "  Jim P.

"We can't wait to start using the software. I just played in a tournament this weekend and your product was being used. It was absolutely incredible. I wasted no time in getting my own copy so my home games can run just as smooth. "  James, Avon Lake, OH

"Been using your software for a little over a year and absolutely love it. "  Brad

"Great program, we love it. It makes running our tourney so much easier. "  Jeff, Portland, OR

"Hello I have been using the software since almost day one and I appreciate all the upgrades you continually add to the program. This is absolutely the best program on the market for running tournaments. Your software was recently used to run a 187 person WSOP qualifier and the event ran professionally and smoothly using the software! "  Bill Hall

"Let me start out by saying I love your program and use it every week. "  Randy

"The software is great!!! "  Mike

"Our poker club, The FilAmCrew, has been using your program since its inception early this year. I have seen many software manager out there that do not come close to the value and price that your software offers. I think everyone should try your software once and compare it to other software that cost 5 to 10 times more. They will be surprise to discover that your software far surpassed the others. "  Nestor, The Filam Crew

"I just purchased the upgrade from 2.x to 3.5.4.... Been using your software for a few years now...Love it!"  LIPC Events

"First off, Our club really loves your program. At one of our tournaments the overhead projector was down. You should of heard all the complaining about not being able to see the time and the blinds. I could not imagine what it would be like to run a tournament the old fashion way."  Eugene Poker Club


"Hello, I purchased poker tournament manager a couple years ago. A couple months ago I purchased the 4.0 upgrade. The software is fantastic, it really has made our home games more enjoyable. "  Robert H.

"Hi - I just recently purchased this software and it's great. I plan to used it for a 100 player tournament"  Dave

"Thanx a lot & by the way you have a bargain on your hands. it would be a good deal at $100. For what your asking it's a bargain. We never play for money though. Each month the host decides what the buy-in will be & we've played for eveything from 72 bottles of water to $20 worth of canned food to 2 adult movie tickets and on and on and on. Your software makes it much more fun & with my laptop & can plug into the 65" TV so everyone can see it better. Like I said, great product."  Jimmy M

"I just wanted to send you a message and let you know that our event was a success. Attached are a few pictures from it. We certainly mentioned the software sponsor numerous times. Many people were impressed with it. "  Michael, Louisiana Charity Poker Tournament

"I have been using your software for over a year now and it keeps getting better. I recently upgraded to your newest version. "  Ryan

"I purchased your product on november 21 2006 and I must tell you it has worked perfectly."  Ryan

"I downloaded the demo and to me, it's the best program on the market. I wish I found out about it sooner."  Anthony

"I just wanted to say that so far I am very happy with your software - I have used it 4 times so far to run our poker league we just started up. Everyone else is very impressed as well after using the ol' kitchen timer method for years!"  Pete J.

"I have tried many different programs, and this one is the best by far! Thank you for making our tournaments so much more enjoyable!"  Beau B.

"I have just installed your program and have run our first tournament on it. All I can say is that this is a fantastic piece of software. Brilliant!"  Jim D.

"I have been using the tournament manger for about a year now. Awesome software look forward to the updates in the future. I run a bar league an it has made my job so much easier and allows me to play when I can. "  Scott, Battle of the Bars

"I am continually surprised by the support provided by PTM, simple issue and request; and resolved without any hassle or issue.   I also thought it would be several days after the holiday before I’d hear from anyone, sure can’t beat the rapid service either! Just a couple more reasons why I shall continue to be a user of your software product!"  David

"I've posted your weblink on my facebook poker club page. I think it's important people see the quality of your product and the analysis it gives. My guys are still blown away by the standard of my tourneys and it's mostly down to PTM software!!!!"  Morgan

"Have just purchased your XL package and it is brilliant.

We are a Hotel in the Highlands of Scotland and we run Poker Nights every second Wednesday and i am really looking forward to using this in a fortnight."  Ralph

"I purchased your great program yesterday and successfully used it for
the first time last night in my weekly home tournament. Everyone was
quite impressed. Thanks again for creating such great software. It displays wonderfully
on my 50" plasma."  Chuck

"We have run hundreds of tournament home games using your software over
the last few years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for your part of making our tournaments so enjoyable."  Terry, Poker Dogs

"I cant tell you how glad I am that I bought YOUR program over the others out there on the internet!! As you can see its become a VITAL part of my league tournaments!!"  Jim

"I have been using your program for over two years and really enjoy it.  I makes my job as a Tourny director very easy.  I plan on continuing to use this program and really appreciate your support."  Ken

"We use your PokerTournamentManager v 4.0.7 in our poker room.... We do love the program!"  Ute Mountain Poker Room

"I bought the program on Tuesday and ran my normal monthly tournament on Wednesday for the beginning of our championship series.  It worked great and I am very pleased with the results."  Scott, Wisconsin

"Hi, my name is Jim Catania I purchased your software a couple months ago and have to say its awesome... I use this program for my personal tournament held in my home and the guys LOVE to look at the stats it provides!!"  Jim C.

"Firstly, I would like to give you kudos for your PTM program.  I have been using it for a little over 3 years and it has greatly enhanced my monthly tournaments.  I rely heavily on it for the success that I am having with running my tournaments as well as the 2 charity events I directed with over 250 players each time."  Thomas B

"I love your product. I just recently upgraded to the deluxe & the 4.0 version. I also just put our poker club, WIMPS POKER TOUR, up on the site. You guys could double your prices & it’d still be a decent deal. Right now it’s an awesome deal & I thank you for your product."  Jimmy

"I just wanted to say that so far I am very happy with your software - I have used it 4 times so far to run our poker league we just started up. Everyone else is very impressed as well after using the ol' kitchen timer method for years!"  Peter

"The program has been working great....Wonderful tool for a home game!!"  Chad

"I’ve used the software for 3 tourneys so far and everyone is very impressed!"  PMJ

"I have been using your software for many years. Every player has had nothing but praise for the professionalism of my tournaments. I always tell them the software makes the tournament."  Joseph H.

"I would like to say, we just finished our first 13 week season with the software and it is working great.  Well worth the money."  Scott N, Tickets Sport Bar

"I get lots of compliments on your software.... wouldn't use any other!"  Wes

"Love the program. We get compliments on how well run our tournaments are, even better than most of the Casino's in the area. Your program helps us do that."  Gary

"I love this program… I have a lot of home games and even have run a few charity events with it… it works great… everyone is always impressed with it. Thanks!"  Jason R.