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New release!!! Version 5.0 is now available with many new features: points formulas, hand timer, tournament reminders, bounty wizard, and much more!

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Resellers/Affiliate Program

Dear partners,

Becoming an affiliate for Poker Tournament Manager has never been easier.  You too can partake in the Texas Hold-Em Craze that is not only sweeping the nation, but the entire world. 

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Because the Poker Tournament Manager program really is a superb product.  People will graciously thank you for referring them to our awesome software.  Once you try, you can't deny that Poker Tournament Manager is amazing! 

All affiliates are paid through Clickbank and are provided with Real-Time statistics.  Clickbank is used by thousands of online merchants!

Ready to sign up?

First, you go through the Quick and Easy signup process with Clickbank by following the link below (if you do not already have  an account).  Clickbank will then take you through the following setup process. 

1.  Make sure you have your unique Clickbank Id handy. (This is given to you when you sign up)

2.  Take your Unique Clickbank ID and enter it into the link below, replacing the XXXXXX's with your unique Clickbank ID.  http://XXXXXXX.ptmcbank.hop.clickbank.net

So, if your Clickbank ID is "pokernow", the link would look like this =


It's that simple.

3.  Now you just take that link and put it onto any page you want, and when someone clicks it and buys the program, you get paid.  You can market this link in text, banner ads, or anyway you think will attract potential customers.  It's that simple. 

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Here's How It Works

Clickbank has tracking software that gives you credit for anyone that comes from any link you place on a website.  Even if the visitor you send doesn't buy that day, they often buy 3, 5 or even 15 days later.  You will still get the credit for the sale and make a 50% commission for each buying visitor, even if they buy a few weeks later.


 You Get Paid With a Check in Your Mailbox Twice a Month!!!!

The beautiful thing is, you don't have to manage anything.  Clickbank does it all for you, and then sends you a check twice a month.  Clickbank is a 3rd party entity that is 100% trustworty and is one of the leaders in the business in credit card processing.  You simply can't find a more solid affiliate payment processor

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Spam Policy

Under no circumstances are affiliates allowed to send any type of unsolicited emails.  Any affiliates doing so will instantly be stripped of their affiliate status.  Spam is against the law and is not condoned in any way by us.