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New release!!! Version 5.0 is now available with many new features: points formulas, hand timer, tournament reminders, bounty wizard, and much more!

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New in Version 5.0

We receive feedback from our customers with great ideas to make Poker Tournament Manager even better.  We listened, and have added the following new features that were most requested.

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  • New Functionality
    • New Bounty wizard to either automatically assign a bounty to all players, or to prompt you when entering players if you would like an automatic bounty added.  (Deluxe only)
    • New Point Formula wizard to give you the flexibility, in addition to having points paid out for winners, to also have points awarded to all players automatically for participating, and to have points awarded by a formula based on the number of players awarded in reverse order. (Deluxe only)
    • The new “Reminders Wizard” lets you set reminders during your tournament.  Choose from preset reminders like “Change Card Decks” or enter your own custom reminders.  You can have the game pause until you OK the reminder or have it continue and just remind you.
    • Added more customizable word editing features to the Rules and Custom Message.  You can now set text to any font, and any font size within the text itself, set to Bold, Italic, Underline and control the alignment of the text for better reading.
    • Added handy new Hand Timer with a hot key so you can put a player taking too long on a timer to complete the hand.  The default number of minutes is customizable.
    • 2 new sound options with added ability to set custom sound at start of a break to better notify players when breaks are starting (or you can keep the same notification as a level change as in previous versions), and new custom sound for when a player has to rebuy (have some fun with this one!)
    • Use the optional new Toolbar in the tournament window for commonly used functions like starting and stopping the clock.  You can also drag the toolbar to any location on the screen to your preference.


  • New Convenience Features
    • Added ability to “hot add” one minute to the clock in case of needing to quickly add some time back to the clock during a tournament.
    • Improved managing tracking Kills, with options to only show players remaining when selecting the person with the Kill (or can still show All for other tournament styles).
    • Simplified the method for entering current chip values by player andd quicky viewing it with toggle switch to the screen.
    • Added easier tourney level setup functionality including being able to insert and remove levels from the setup grid.
    • Added more graphics to user interface to help non-English speaking managers and players with ease of use.
    • Added Chip Preview in Tournament setup.
    • Added toggle menu and button for quickly scrolling through screens in the tournament window.
    • Added ability to have points of high values, over 35,000.
    • Added ability to turn comma separator on/off for numbers over 1,000, and added the separator to the blinds on the top of the tourney screen for easy reading.
    • Added quick setup feature to optionally launch add players screen after new tournament setup.
    • Added quick link to system Calculator.
    • Added drop down options for common types of special awards.
    • Added Total Profit dollars to the stats view window within the application.


  • Improved Performance
    • For those running larger tournaments, reviewed areas of the program to streamline performance and make response times lightning fast!


Features added in Version 4.0

We receive feedback from our customers with great ideas to make Poker Tournament Manager even better.  We listened, and have added the following new features that were most requested.

  • PTM is now much more customizable.  You can change the font, fore-color, back-color, and size of nearly all items displayed on the screens, to personalize PTM for your game.
  • PTM now keeps track of who knocks out who!  So you can see who eliminated the most players during a game, or over time by viewing stats.  This new field is available in the web results posting area as well.
  • Added a new rotating screen to display kills and elimination chart.
  • New button to "chop" the pot for remaining players.
  • Added ability to have the rotating screens adjust based on where you are at in the tourney.  So that pre-tourney you can rotate the Buyin Details screen and the players registering screen, then during play you can show the elimination screen, and then after the tourney you can show the payouts screen.
  • New export to allow a printable sign-in sheet.
  • Added 2 new formatted summary screen views.
  • There is now a menu for skipping a level or skipping a break - jump right to the next one.
  • We have added the ability to email all players in a league to make announcements or to invite to upcoming tournaments.
  • New continuous scroll of the players, payouts, awards, and seat chart screens so all data is scrolled through as you play.
  • More hot keys have been added for even easier navigation.