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League Home Page

League NameKentucky Blue Poker Crew
League ManagerGlenn Lundy  (Dalundster@Hotmail.com)
LocationLexington, KY
League Statistics(Available with Deluxe version only)
Message from League ManagerWe're FULLY up and running now folks!! We've got tournaments going on at numerous locations starting in February so you will have plenty of opportunities to earn your points. Come join us at Friends and Co, in Andover shopping center on Monday's and Thursday's at 7 and 10. We're also over at Shooter's on Southland Drive on Wed at 7:00 and 10:00 p.m.We're in the process of adding two more venues going into Apriil, so keep an eye out for those!!! Come out, earn your points, and let's see whose going to win a $10,000 seat to the World Series of Poker!!! VISIT US AT KENTUCKYBLUEPOKERCREW.COM 

Available Tournament Results
Tournament NameDate
F&C april 10 10p.m.04/10/2008
F&C April 10th 7 pm04/10/2008
Shooter's April 9th 10 pm04/09/2008
Shooter's April 9th 7 pm04/09/2008
F&C april 3, 10 p.m.04/03/2008
F&C April 3rd 7 PM04/03/2008
shooters april 2nd, 10 p.m.04/02/2008
Shooter's April 2nd 7 pm04/02/2008
F&C March 31rst 10 pm03/31/2008
F&C March 31rst 7 pm03/31/2008
F&C March 28th 10 pm03/27/2008
F&C March 28th 7 p.m.03/27/2008
Shooters March 26th 10 P.M.03/26/2008
Shooter's March 26th 7 P.M.03/26/2008
O'neills March 25th 10 p.m.03/25/2008
O'neills March 25th 8 p.m.03/25/2008
O'neills March 25th 7 p.m.03/25/2008
F&C Thursday March 24th 10 PM03/24/2008
F&C Thursday March 24th 7 pm03/24/2008
F&C March 20th 10:00pm03/20/2008
F&C March 20th 7 P.M.03/20/2008
Shooter's March 19th 10:00pm03/19/2008
Shooters March 19th 7 pm03/19/2008
O'neills March 18th 9:30pm03/18/2008
O'neill's March 18th 6:30 P.M.03/18/2008
St. Patty's Day 10:00pm03/17/2008
St. Patty's Day 7:00 P.M.03/17/2008
F&C March 13th 10 pm03/13/2008
F&C March 13th 7 pm03/13/2008
Shooters March 12th 10 pm03/12/2008
Shooters March 12th 7 PM03/12/2008
O'neills March 11th 9:00pm03/11/2008
O'neills March 11th 6:30 pm03/11/2008
F&C March 10th 10 PM03/10/2008
F&C March 10th 7 pm03/10/2008
March 9th Friends and Co. 7:30pm03/09/2008
TOC March 9th 4pm03/09/2008
F&C March 6th 10 pm03/06/2008
F&C March 6th 7 pm03/06/2008
O'Neills March 4th 9 pm03/04/2008
O'Neill's March 4th 6 pm03/04/2008
F&C March 3 10 PM03/03/2008
F&C March 3rd 7 PM03/03/2008
F&C February 28th 10 pm02/28/2008
F&C February 28th 7 pm02/28/2008
O'Neill's February 26th 9 pm02/26/2008
O'neill's February 26th 6 pm02/26/2008
F & C February 25th 10 pm02/25/2008
F & C February 25th 10 pm02/25/2008
F&C February 25th 7 pm02/25/2008
F&C February 21 7 pm02/21/2008
O'Neill's February 19th 10 pm02/19/2008
O'Neills February 19th 7 pm02/19/2008
F&C February 18th 10 pm02/18/2008
F&C February 18th 7 pm02/18/2008
F&C TOC 02/1702/17/2008
F&C February 14th 10 pm02/14/2008
F&C February 14th 7 pm02/14/2008
TK February 13th 10 pm02/13/2008
TK February 13th 7 pm02/13/2008
F&C February 11th 10 p.m.02/11/2008
F&C February 11th 7 pm02/11/2008
F&C February 7th 10 p.m.02/07/2008
F&C February 7th 7 p.m.02/07/2008
February 6th 1:00 p.m.02/06/2008
February 6th 7:00 p.m.02/06/2008
January 23 10 p.m.01/23/2008
January 22nd 7:00 P.m.01/23/2008
January 16th 10:00 p.m.01/16/2008
January 16th 7:00 P.m.01/16/2008
Jan 9th 10:0001/09/2008
Jan 9th 6:30 01/09/2008
Jan. 2 9:3001/02/2008
KBPC January 2 6:3001/02/2008
KBPC GRAND OPENING 9:3012/05/2007
Grand Opening Dec 5th 6:3012/05/2007