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League Statistics

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League NameGloucester County Rounders

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Player# TourneysTotal BuyinAve. PayTotal PayProf./Loss %Ave. FinishPointsKills# 1st# 2nd# 3rd# 4th# 5th# 6th# 7th# 8th# 9th# 10th
G. Schmidt4803815087.5123540000000001
Matt Studley460381501508.254031000010000
The Deputy480301205074450110000000
Old Goat51002110557.44450101000010
Chris S120909035022110100000000
Tracy Crossroads120757527522550100000000
Gentleman Dave3601855-8.36.332920010001010
Big Ray5100945-5511.8910010000000
Bass Man340154512.57.333150010100000
The Director5100840-607.63410010002001
Crazy Carl480935-56.37.53020001101000
Happy Mike480830-62.582710001010100
Dennis the Menace510000-100112110000100010
Gary B.12000-1001201000000000
Christopher M12000-10018200000000000
The Hammer510000-10011.82650000100100
A.D.D. Lee12000-10061130000010000
Jim Brown12000-1009500000000010
T. Ray12000-10018420000000000
The Fish12000-1009610000000010