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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameNo Limits Ante Up Tournament Sun 20th March 2016
# of Players35

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Asha Knijff00.0000 
Ben Cavell00.0000 
Dave Matthews00.0000 
David Clark00.0000 
Dwayne Inmon00.00230 
Frank Inmon00.00650 
Fred Townsend00.0000 
Glen Pinna00.0000 
Grant Bevis00.0000 
Jane Hawkins00.0000 
Janet Brooks00.0000 
Jenny Phillips00.0000 
John Rosario00.00220 
John Gugliotti00.0000 
Kim Bevis00.00210 
Matthew Edwards00.0000 
Mick Zuvela00.00180 
Roslyn Martin00.00450 
Stephen McLure00.0000 
Tim Field0150.00950 
Victor Stegman0600.001650 
Zoran Bilic00.00200 
James McGuire0120.00850 
Phil Green00.0000 
Beverly Spletter00.0000 
Bronwyn Lloyd00.0000 
Carolyn Knell00.00190 
Leif Jackson0400.001450 
Sid Knell0210.001050 
Dermot Murtagh00.00550 
William Geary00.0000 
Ian Lawrence0210.001250 
Monika Ba Pe060.00750