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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameNo Limits Mini Main Event 24th april 2016
# of Players57

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Beverly Spletter00.0000 
Brian Goddard0500.00970 
Corey Secco00.0000 
Greg Bourke00.0000 
Jeremy Carlile00.00300 
John Rosario01,510.001670 
Mike Wilson00.0000 
Phil Green00.00310 
Renee Buchanan0980.001270 
Richard Saad00.0000 
Sue Davis00.0000 
Bronwyn Lloyd0180.00670 
Matthew Edwards00.0000 
Victor Stegman00.00340 
Marc Alessandra00.00290 
Bob Siljegovic00.0000 
Tim Field00.0000 
Adam Bevis02,380.001870 
Belinda Smith00.0000 
Maurice Smith00.0000 
Michael McNamara00.0000 
Qais Shanasa0700.001170 
Ryan Matthews00.0000 
Stephen McLure00.0000 
Christian Truscott00.0000 
Frances McKenna00.0000 
Roslyn Martin0180.00770 
Victor Jaucian00.0000 
Zoran Bilic00.0000 
Toni Andrews00.00330 
Phillip Watene Jnr00.0000 
Dave Matthews00.0000 
Nils Etti00.0000 
Brent Durnan00.0000 
Ian Lawrence00.00320 
Nathan Harvey00.0000 
David Whitlow0620.001070 
Graham Davies00.0000 
Grant Bevis0410.00870 
Janet Brooks00.0000 
Kim Bevis00.0000 
Peter James00.0000 
Frank Inmon01,090.001470 
Tom Govenor00.0000 
Adam Moore00.0000 
Fred Townsend00.0000 
David Purnell00.0000 
Keith Wood00.0000 
Shaun Porter00.0000 
Glen Pinna00.0000 
Anjay Chand00.0000 
Ian Church00.0000 
Sam Hoogstraten00.0000