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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameNo Limits Open One50 Sun 31st July 2016
# of Players58

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Belinda Smith00.0000 
Corey Secco0300.00780 
Jake Secco0400.00880 
John Gugliotti00.00290 
Lou Kereszteny00.0000 
Maurice Smith00.0000 
Phil Green00.0000 
Qais Shanasa00.0000 
Richard Saad00.0000 
Steve Lohse00.00340 
Roslyn Martin0160.00680 
Zoran Bilic00.0000 
Jane Hawkins00.0000 
Leif Jackson00.0000 
Aaron Deecke00.0000 
Andrew Puddy00.0000 
David Mynard00.0000 
Mary Purua00.0000 
Josh Cadogan00.0000 
Maurice Lorena0510.00980 
Sid Knell00.0000 
Brian Goddard00.0000 
Trevor Mckenzie00.0000 
Ian Lawrence02,400.001880 
Adam Moore00.0000 
Adrian McHugh0760.001180 
Anjay Chand00.0000 
Beverly Spletter00.00330 
Bronwyn Lloyd00.0000 
Cathryn Lloyd00.0000 
Chaminda Wickramasinghe0430.0000 
Dave Matthews00.0000 
David Clark00.00320 
David Sommerville00.0000 
David Whitlow00.0000 
Frank Inmon00.0000 
Greg Bourke00.0000 
Irwin Salipot00.0000 
James McGuire00.0000 
Jim Holmes00.0000 
John Rosario00.0000 
John Jolly00.0000 
Keith Wood00.0000 
Maz Vajdani00.0000 
Peter James01,580.001680 
Renee Buchanan00.0000 
Tim Field00.00310 
Troy Harrison0870.001280 
Martyn Saxby00.0000 
Victor Stegman01,090.001480 
Jonathan Cross00.0000 
Adam Bevis00.0000 
Ian Church00.0000 
Norah Greer00.00300