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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameGame 21 Season 1 - TwoGuys
# of Players39

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Austin Schnarrs125.00211 
Jess Vasquez20.00150 
Frank Whitehurst30.00140 
Chad Tinsley40.00130 
Paul Mardigian50.00120 
Keith Hollandsworth60.00110 
Rob Yonkers70.00100 
Alex Lee80.0090 
Chris Madrid90.0080 
Ed Novic100.0070 
Robyn Wiener110.0060 
Richard Bean120.0050 
Matthew Seidensticker130.0040 
Kevin Critzer140.0030 
Roy Bogart150.0020 
Winny Cochran160.0010 
Dhel Lebrun170.0000 
Richard Temple180.0000 
Eric Jorgensen190.0000 
Scott Wolfe200.0000Austin Schnarrs 
Jermaine Sutton210.0000 
Luke Critzer220.0000 
Corey Nicholson230.0000 
Sterlita Nicholson240.0000 
Eric Choo250.0000 
Harry Perry260.0000 
Jason Tucker270.0000 
Brandon Layne280.0000 
Diamond Seward290.0000 
Barry Weiss290.0000 
David Ketron300.0000 
Stephen Daniel300.0000 
Amber Stanley300.0000 
Bobby Nakka310.0000 
Richard Heintze310.0000 
Tammy Perry310.0000 
Don Rickard320.0000 
Jim Bean320.0000 
Consuela Scott320.0000