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Tournament Results

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Tournament NameSeason Three Game 5
# of Players34

Tournament Results
PlayerPlacePayoutPointsKillsEliminated By
Brian Bland1850.00505 
Robbie P.2630.00434 
Roger3400.00391Robbie P. 
*Luke B.*4200.00469 
Luke Ratliff5100.00393*Luke B.* 
Chrissy C.60.00372Luke Ratliff 
Bob T70.00373*Luke B.* 
Rick80.00341*Luke B.* 
Billy B90.00342 
Glen B.100.00310Chrissy C. 
Sherry W.120.00290Luke Ratliff 
John B.130.00280 
Mike R140.00281*Luke B.* 
Emanuel P.160.00250Robbie P. 
Kim T170.00262*Luke B.* 
John S180.00230*Luke B.* 
Henry200.00210*Luke B.* 
Tammy P.210.00200Chrissy C. 
Jack R. Sr.220.00190Bob T 
Juice230.00180*Luke B.* 
Tim240.00170Mike R 
Sharon250.00160Kim T 
Bob B.260.00150Billy B 
Jon Chasen270.00140Robbie P. 
Hognuttz280.00130*Luke B.* 
Bob D290.00120Billy B 
Drumblitz300.00110Robbie P. 
Dale S.310.00100Luke Ratliff 
*Becky*320.0090Bob T 
Ben Porter330.0080Kim T 
Carey R.340.0070Bob T